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Walsh Avionics has a range of experience in avionics installations providing you with a the highest quality workmanship. 


Mission/role specific fitouts are our expertise!


  • NVIS/NVG Installation & Conversions

  • Avionics Upgrades

  • Role Equipment Installation

  • Government Specific Radio System Intergration


Walsh Avionics can build specific to role aircraft fitouts including both adaptability and versatility.


VH-XRQ was designed and built specifically for emergency service operations, with a medical fit-out.  With a full digital glass, night vision goggle compliant cockpit and a radio homing system that allowed them to find 406 EPIRBS (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons).


This fitout was designed and installed by Walsh Avionics.


The routine tasks to maintain your avionics in good working order is one of our specialties here at Walsh Avionics. 


Equipped and qualified to carry out maintenance, repair and modifications of your aircraft avionics and aeronautical products, Walsh Avionics ensure all repairs and re-certifications are completed in a timely manner and to OEM or CASA specifications. We verify and adjust all parameters ensuring optimal performance of your equipment.

All critical upgrades, preventive and restorative maintenance is conducted in accordance with our approval scope, giving you confidence that your instrument meets all the required standards, manufacturers specifications and regulatory compliance.  We are authorized representatives for a myriad of leading major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)’s… see  our dealerships page.

At present, Walsh Avionics holds Certificate of Approval No.1-PFMF4 issued by CASA under CAR 30. We are currently transitioning to CASR Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate.


Design Engineering provides comprehensive design coverage for civil and military operators to upgrade fixed and rotary winged avionics with new and used avionics to meet specific requirements.

Our collaborative Design Engineering advice and consultation services assist you through the process, guiding you from the initial meeting, drafting technical designs to the installation specification stage.  


All design activities, no matter how big or small, ensure your customised design is of the highest quality, cost efficient and meets regulatory compliance.

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