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UV Laser Wire Marking

Laser wire marking ensures a durable, permanent marking, while maintaining insulation integrity.  The advantages of allowing CMI to provide your laser wire marking:

  • High Quality, Permanent Wire Identification

  • Excellent Contrast and Visibility

  • Various Font Sizes

  • Meets aerospace industry compliance requirements

The label includes the wire part number, the reference designate from/to information, the job number where the wire will be used, and a bar code. The bar code is used to speed-up other manufacturing operations.   Walsh Avionics provides a Certificate of Conformity for all wire marking services.


Laser UV Wire Marker

Tri-Star’s high performance table top laser marking system (the M-100L FG-TT Superfast 150 Tabletop Laser Wire Marker) is capable of processing 150 feet of wire per minute.  When a wire is lasered it is permanently etched beneath the surface of the wire. More accurately, the coating underneath is changed leaving a mark that fuel, oil, or etc will not remove. Laser marking allows for wires that are clear and easily legible.

You can complete your wire order details on the order form.

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